12 September 2011

Hiking in "Czech Switzerland"

Yesterday I went hiking in the north with some new and old friends
to a place near the German border
where they filmed The Chronicles of Narnia.
It's known as "Czech Switzerland."

The woods held shadows
and mysteries from the past.
The sun shone through dry branches
as the first of autumn's leaves fell.
The cool moss quietly lay on rocks
as we passed, keeping us looking down
and all around.

The trees whispered above us
and branches snapped below.
The forest was alive.

Just like in Narnia.

More to come tomorrow
as we climbed the cliffs above!

Welcome fall!


  1. That's beautiful! You sure get to go to some amazing places :) You're very blessed. I LOVE Narnia, it's so neat that you got to see where it was filmed... such pretty scenery.

  2. this looks like the Saxon-Swizterland mountains which I hiked in July...maybe it's all part of the same things?

  3. Rae, it could be the same. We were right near the German border and close to Dresden. :)


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