19 September 2011

rain, rain go away. come again some other day.

this weekend i slept in, then took a leisurely walk to the market along the vltava
where i bought some chocolate and flowers and a honey stick and a fruit pastry.

it started to rain, so i went home to get my weekly chores done.
then i took part in a scavenger hunt {which i'll post about later}
through prague in the late-afternoon.

it was a good weekend,
but filled with lots of reflection.
i'm not sure why rain has that power over me.

living in another country is certainly not an easy task.
and this weekend was one of the worst
as i was filled with loneliness and the feeling of defeat
as i can't even have a simple conversation with strangers.

i asked the question over and over,
are people supposed to put themselves through this?
i never know what's going on around me,
i can't eavesdrop, i can't listen to a fight or an affair,
i don't hear words of love or hate
{although i completely see the looks all the time}

it wears a person down.

but i will let you know that i am feeling a bit better
even though the rain still falls around me
and sometimes don't understand
the point of it all. 

today i received some compliments from my students
and got some good opinionated conversation out of them,
which made my reflective weekend
worth every single doubt i had.

i am here till june for them.

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