25 September 2011

A summer's day in autumn? It was hot without a cloud in the sky at Karlstein Castle, CZ.

Yesterday I went to Karlstein castle for their yearly burchak festival.
We saw knights and ladies, beggars and gypsies.
We drank red and white burchak
and ate festive Czech food
as we walked around, sometimes pushed around by the crowd,
and wandered up to the castle to see the parade process.

It was warm, but even in the warmth,
the slight change of color in the leaves
was apparent. 

It was glorious!

This weekend I am feeling much better. There is no rain.
And this week there is much to look forward to..
~a pub talk with my older students
(pray for good conversations!)
~a day off in the middle of the week
to be spent hiking at Divoka Sarka and at the movies
~and a week of bellydancing classes at our new studio here!

Have a great last week of September!


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