31 August 2011

My last evening at home

Well, everyone, I'm on my way back to Prague.
It's been a great few weeks in the states, so much so
that I've gotten re-accustomed to the American way of life
and I'm not sure how I'll readjust to European-city life. 

On my flight over the Atlantic I sat smushed between 
a woman from Virginia who read gossip magazines and drank
white wine the whole time.
(She told me she doesn't fly much, but she's on her way to Dubai....?)
and a Canadian girl who slept and held her mother's hand.  

I'll soon be in Prague where I'll have lots of errands to run and people to meet
and a new room to decorate and lesson-planning to do and a birthday
to celebrate. It's going to be a whirlwind of a week...
so I'll post again after the mad rush of the beginning of the school year
and the readjustment period where I'll hopefully settle back into my Prague routines. 

Until then, enjoy my last evening at home with me:

I love my lake,
and Florida skies,
sand-hill cranes,
and Spanish moss,
my dog, our canoe,
bonfires, and
my family.

Until December. :)


1 comment:

  1. aw, safe travels, Han! I'm glad you got to spend such great time with your family!! I can't wait to read about your second year in Praha!!!


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