13 September 2011

Hiking::we made it to the clifftop

We made it to the top and took in the views.
Pine trees swayed in the wind,
birds soared, along with small planes.
We had a little snack and lots of water.

We leaned on the railings and kept our thoughts to ourselves.
Some getting ready to leave and move on from here,
some just arriving and wondering about their journey.

We watched as the afternoon passed.
Thankful for the sunshine,
knowing dark and cold days are before us.

the only natural stone bridge in the Czech Republi

our hiking group

doesn't that rock on the right look like a reclining lion!? Aslan, right!?

Now off to a week full of teaching!

This weekend on the agenda:
Prague. Dinner parties. Burchak festivals. 
and a swimming pool in the city.


  1. Hi there,
    Recently discovered your blog and love it! I'm moving to Prague on Wednesday. I've loved exploring the site and finding out more about Prague! What are the first things a newbie should explore?

  2. Hi there! Welcome to Prague! Autumn here is always fun. Well, you could explore the many coffeeshops we have, especially if the rain keeps up. And try the beer. Walk around old town, maybe take a free tour with Sandemans to get your bearings. Enjoy! And never leave your flat without your camera. :)


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