29 September 2011

"Thank you, Czech government, for a day off in the middle of the week..."


After sleeping in till 9am on a Wednseday morn
and having a slow, lazy breakfast,
I took the tram to Divoká Šárka with Kristen.

We hiked and took advantage of the nice weather,
with cameras in hand and backpacks full of 
fruit and books and sandwiches,
we set out at a slow pace to see the natural sights
of this Czech National Park right outside of Prague.

In the evening,
I attended a dinner party at the house of some friends.
It was a relaxing night as we chatted in their garden
and ate grapes right off the vine
while waiting for the grilled veggies and chicken to be done.

Their home will definitely be a regular haunt
in the winter.
With their immense collection of teas and books
and a charming fireplace in the corner.
I can already envision a soft snowfall outside on their veranda.

Okay, okay, I really am enjoying autumn.
It's actually really warm outside at the moment,
but I'm ready to curl up and finish Dorian Gray.

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday!
I'm ready for the weekend; this holiday
in the middle of the week has messed with my weekly routine!

But I loved it anyway!


  1. Your friends house sounds like a very relaxing and peaceful place to be. And that water fall is awesome, such beautiful pictures!

  2. your post is lovely as usual! your life is so fun.


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