23 September 2011

Autumn is quickly approaching Prague

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12 Reasons why I love autumn:

1. My wardrobe has been invaded by fall colors.
2. Sweater weather, but not quite coat weather. :)
3. Burchak, i.e. Czech "young" wine that only comes around every fall.
4. My windows are always open and the breeze feels oh-so-good
5. Pumpkins! I'm going to "teach" my students how to carve a pumpkin in class.
6. Halloween. You gotta love the costumes and scary movies and candy.
   (it's purely an American holiday nowadays...)
7. Trips into the country. It's perfect hiking weather.
8. Gingerbread lattes. And Pumpkin, of course.
9. Soft light at early sunsets.
10. Reading classics because everyone else is in school and still "learning," plus it doesn't hurt that they're the perfect fall    accessory. I mean, who can resist Dorian Gray or Dracula on a blustery day?
11. Saturday markets are much more enchanting along the river in the early morning mist.
12. French Onion Soup! My homemade meal for the week!

Tomorrow I'm off to this castle for the day with friends!


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