06 August 2011

Charlotte, NC: Addison & Sadie: my two most favorite little girls in the whole wide world

This past week I got to spend time with my little 2nd cousins.
It was a glorious week of all things girly
with lots of time spent at the park and in bathing suits.

We ate cookies and marshmallows, drew and colored,
watched old Disney animated films that I hadn't seen in years,
played outside,
played inside,
and used my body as a walking jungle-gym. haha

It was a nice time to stop and relax and not fret about the coming year of planning and teaching.
It was a nice time to remember children and childish ways.
My past
and their present. 

I love these girls.

Addison had a little admirer at the park.

They made a new friend too.

Running in the rain in the front yard. I love summer!

I know you love my little 2nd cousins now too!


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