02 August 2011

A future is all a little girl has to hope for

When I was ten I went to a summer camp where we wrote down our dreams for our futures and sealed them in a little box that we then decorated. Thirteen years later I opened the box and this is what I found:

My mom's and my own charm bracelet when we were little girls.

anything is possible.

So, here's the outcome of these dreams, thirteen years later:
I am not an actress and really have no desire to be one.

I've never lived in a 2 story house, but I do currently live in a flat on the 2nd story.

My parents do have a pool; we got one in 2006. We live on a large lake,
not pond.

I am unmarried, with no promising prospects on the horizon. But we'll see. 
I am hopeful. 

No children as of yet.

I've never been to Colorado, but I currently have some good friends living there 
and some who are from there, 
so a vacation to that side of the country is impending.
I have, however, been half-way across the world.

My family has various canoes and kayaks-but none with a motor.
I wonder if that counts? I'll have to ask my ten-year-old self.

And, lastly, I do not currently live by my parents.
I am hopeful that in the future I will, but as for the next few years
I think Europe has claimed my 20s for herself. 

It's so interesting how we hope for certain futures when we're children,
but as we grow older our actual dreams really do change and shift 
into new ones. 

What were your childhood dreams?


  1. This is so nostalgic. It's nice to bring out treasures of childhood. Indeed, our dreams shift as we grow older but knowing our dreams as a little kid make me smile.

  2. I think that that is amazing. "to marry wisely" -you were a very smart 10 year old. I can't even remember what I want at ten. Probably to be a mommy (check!) and to be a singer, which I probably could never do even if for some ludicrous reason the opportunity presented itself. It would greatly interfere with being a mommy, i think.


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