08 August 2011

"Picnics are a quintessential European experience"

Some of my favorite memories from the last few months
have happened at picnics.
It's the best way to spend quality time with friends
while sitting on a hill or at a picnic table
chatting and eating and laughing
with an amazing view in the foreground. 

As Rick Steves says, "picnics are a quintessential European experience."
He is spot on.
Especially with the brutal winter Europe experiences,
picnics are essential once the wind ceases and the trees start budding.
In Florida, I took the sun for granted, but in Prague, 
it is non-negotiable,
if the sun is out, we're having a picnic. 

image credits

at the largest park in Prague

Prague Castle in the distance

Letna beer garden, Old Town in the distance

image credit

So go out and try it the European way...
have more picnics!
Solo ones, family ones, group ones, couple ones,
occasion or no occasion, picnics are worthwhile,
especially if you want good travel memories.


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