01 March 2011

There are a lot of sites in and around Prague...to travel to!

Before arriving in Prague I really thought I would be traveling to different cities and countries on a monthly basis.
My hopes have not been crushed, only set to a slower pace.
Which may be healthier.
In my six months here I've been to Vienna, Austria twice; Bratislava, Slovakia three times; Budapest, Hungary once, Nuremberg, Germany and many small towns and villages throughout the Czech Republic. I had hoped to see a country a month, but Prague and its surrounding countryside have caught me by surprise.

A few weekends ago I went hiking (in the snow) with friends and some random couchsurfers. Gratitude to the Prague Meetings group on the site. We hiked about 7km while it snowed through forests, fields, and foothills. It was probably my favorite "winter" memory here in Prague.

Hiking just outside of the city

Then, this past weekend, Kristen and I joined another couchsurfers event just outside the city of Brno. (The second largest city in the CZ and Prague's rival) I must say though, Brno doesn't even hold a finger up to Prague. It's similar in size to my own little neighborhood within Prague. But the day was wonderful, with many new friends and lots of Czech wine to try. We even explored an old monastery that has been abandoned for years; that's what happens when Communism takes over. They don't restore national treasures. (Note: CZ is no longer under Communism, but it does have a lasting influence within the govn't today)

Kristen and I at the monastery
Wine in a cellar
This next weekend I'll be hiking yet again, along the Vltava river for 10km with some friends, new and old. It's nice to be able to explore in depth the place I call "home" for a short while. :)


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