11 March 2011

I'll be gone to Macedonia for the next week!

Smile a smile!
While you smile
another smiles,
And soon there are miles
and miles of smiles,
and life's worth while
if you but smile. ~Anon
A Smile by _cassia_
I gave my smile away as happy as could be.
And every time I gave it, my smile came back to me.

I am learning to smile at random people in Prague. I've established the hard, serious face of the Czechs, but now I'm converting back to my smiley face. So, beware, if you see me on the streets, I may show you a goofy grin, like a gun shot, it'll stun you before you know what hit you. I'm tapping into my Christian+American ways, and they can be a lethally joyful combination. 


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