07 March 2011

Reading of other Places and Times

This month I've been immersed in The Last of the Mohicans by James Fenimore Cooper. There's something really magical about reading of another place and time when I'm immersed "in real life" in a new and different culture than my own. The Last of the Mohicans, the movie, is my all-time favorite. But I've never gotten around to reading the actual book. Until now. In Prague. It's been a much easier book to tackle than other classics, but it's still taken me about all month to finish. Perhaps this novel is the real cause as to why I've been obsessed with hiking lately. ;)

The original story is vastly different than the movie.
But I suppose that is to be expected.
I now love book and movie, but for different reasons.
I love the romance and tragedy of the movie;
I love the words and descriptions of the American wilderness in the book.
And the strong bond between brothers and friends, daughters and fathers
and sisters, trust between strangers,
and commitment until the final end.
It's beautiful.

"Winters and summers, nights and days, have we roved the wilderness in company, eating of the same dish, one sleeping while the other watched; and afore it shall be said that Uncas was taken to the torment, and I at hand--There is but a single ruler of us all, whatever may be the color of the skin; and him  I call to witness--that before the Mohican boy shall perish for the want of a friend, good faith shall depart the 'arth, and 'Kill-deer' become as harmless as the tooting we'pon of the singer!" ~says the Scout to Heyward about Uncas, his brother of the forest


Next up is Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte. I have joined a bloggers book club and am going to blog about the book as I'm reading it. I'm so excited! I've always wanted to be a part of a book club, and now I can be. Even if it is a little unconventional. I've always wanted to read Jane Eyre, and after my experience with her sister's novel, Wuthering Heights, I'm thrilled to be back in their world. Especially since there is a movie premiering soon, I have to read it before I see it. :)

Go pick up a book and expand your world.
It's magical!



  1. Leaving my first comment as a "real" blogger... Loving Jane Eyre so far! We should watch the movie on the night we cook a Jane Eyre meal.

  2. Jane Eyre looks so good!!
    I loved the BBC Version


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