04 December 2010

Happy 49th Birthday, Mom!

My mom turned 49 today,
switch those numbers around and it makes 94.
She's not that old...yet.

My mom has given me so much
and all I'm giving her in return is a post on my blog.

Life just doesn't seem fair.
She gave me life.
She gave me my sense of style
and my love of all things thrifty.
She gave me an obsession with dark chocolate.
She gave me a safe childhood,
with lots of room for imagination. 
She showed me how to respect others,
especially my elders and my crazy family
(on both sides)
 She gave me room to grow
and direction when I asked for it.
She introduced me to God
and all of his love and grace.
She taught me to be the perfect hostess
and to treat people equally.
On this birthday of hers,
even though she's so far away,
I hope she feels my love
and my gratitude.

Early in life she traveled alone,
now she has a family of her own.
Our lives will always be linked,
even if our paths are not always in sync.

Happy Birthday Mom!

I love you
& miss you
a lot.

your only daughter,


1 comment:

  1. Happy Birthday! such a lovely post, its my mums birthday today too...but you said it so nicely! i wont beat that! I had a great time in Prague what a great place, your so lucky to be there!!! just about made it home (2days late) through the snow wish i could've stayed snowed in there longer! have a nice day x


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