26 October 2010

Sweet Surprises

As I walked out of my building today I noticed something white in my mailbox. To my dismay, I realized I had no idea where the mail key had gotten to. So after my few errands I searched the apartment looking for it, but it never turned up. And I just knew...that letter in the box...was for me.

So down the stairs I went, holding onto a pen and some tape. I looked around me, hoping no one was watching what I was about to do...I stuck the pen with some tape on the end into the mailbox, hoping it would stick to the envelope. The tape fell off a few times and some people came through the door too. I tried to look dignified, like I owned the mail system and luckily no one asked what I was doing. Whew!

Finally I got my letter! And up the stairs I ran to read my precious letter. 
It's moments like these when I really miss my friends and family the most. At times, I feel so separated from everything. I have to remind myself that do belong here, even if just for awhile. My friends & family will always be present in my life, no matter where we are in the world.

I just love the look of written words! Especially the handwriting of people I hold close to my heart.

Leave a comment if you want my address and I'll write you back too!

Tomorrow I'm off to Cesky Krumlov, an Unesco World Heritage site.....
sunshine and fall leaves!

1 comment:

  1. yay!!! Is it bad that I kinda love that you had to stick tape to a pen to get it out. I am SO happy you received my card and note and Rachel's little card! I <3 you!


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