04 October 2010

Kava Kava Kava

I may not have seen all of Prague yet, as my TEFL course is exhausting,
but I have visited many a Kavarny (coffeehouse).
I think I've spent more money on coffee than on eating out.
The nice thing about these coffeehouses below are that they will be a cozy place to sit for hours
during the white winter I'm going to experience here.
 Cafe Ebel in Old Town. It is small, a little nook on a corner.
They have great Viennese coffee and lots of sweets!
It was here I started my 10-page One-to-One paper.
 I sat here for hours writing, chatting on Skype, and browsing the internet.
Such a luxury, since I currently don't have it in my TEFL apartment.
Friends Coffeehouse, home to the Bible Study I go to on Friday evenings.
They are owned by Christians and cater to both the Czech and English-speaking communities here.
And they've got the best Peppermint Mocha Latte! Although it is about as expensive as Starbucks
(which also can be found around Prague..mostly for tourists)
Friends is spacious and inviting. It's newly opened so everything is crisp and fresh.
They've got a wall of books to browse in both English and Czech, from Prayer books to the Unfortunate Events Series to Nicholas Sparks to the history of Eastern Europe.
Plus, a pretty cool fountain and a glass hall that reflects rain nicely
(as I think it will to snow too)
They have wall after wall of individual photos of customers,
what a great idea!
  Cafe Louvre is a historical cafe, frequented by Franz Kafka and Albert Einstein.
It is the place to go for coffee and dessert,
especially after a night at the opera!
Ricotta cake.
This is the place to come for elegant sweets in the city center.
And, of course, there is The Globe, a favorite among expats.
See earlier posts. :)


  1. I guess you made your list of PRAHA POSITIVES!!!
    Very Nice!!! Love YOU!!!

  2. such a great post!!! I am coming soon to prague for a trip and this is EXACTLY the type of advice i wanted, Im a coffee/cafe-oholic I cant wait to explore some new ones when i get there. Do you have any good suggestions for 'must do' activities for english girl alone in Prague for a week?

  3. There is a free walking tour in English in front of the Astronomical clock everyday at 11am and 2pm. It lasts about 2hrs. There are some really cool thrift stops in Praha 1 & 2. Just wander the streets, you're bound to find some. If the weather's nice you can rent a paddle boat from Kampa Island for 80kc and hr. You can see so much from the river. If you're here over a weekend I highly recommend going to mass at the Tyn church or the St. Vitus cathedral. You get the real experience with no tourists. At night the lighting is gorgeous. Hope this helps a little! :D

  4. aw thank you whole heartedly for replying! i want to do all of those and more!! :-D I am coming for the week including weekend i think during my stay the christmas lights will go on? last week in november i love the festive season so I'm excited! I love thrift stores i think u must have read my mind a little...either that or we are similar character.
    thanks again i will keep following ur blog its good u put nice pics and helpful stuff aswell!
    frm peach


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