10 October 2010

Prague.has.Culture.Lots of it.

Yesterday I moved out of one flat and into another.
I packed and unpacked.
I caught a taxi and he brought me into the center of Prague,
my new home, a mecca of culture.
Last night I went to the Opera.
where it originally premiered on October 29, 1787.
Mozart took the infamous story of Don Juan
and brought it to life on stage
incorporating melodrama, comedy, and supernatural elements.
Inside the Estates Theatre
 Stage view
 Three hours later, outside the theatre

I also browsed the World Press Photo exhibit that is currently in Prague.
These photos tell incredible stories about people, war, nature,
and current events
that are often kept out of the news.
Many of them are graphic, portraying people who are now deceased.
But, it is worth knowing what is going on in our world,
even if it is horrific.
Look for the tour in your city! It's traveling around in 2010.
In addition to opera and photography, Prague has something else to offer...
movie sets!
Tom Cruise is currently in the city filming Mission Impossible IV, out December 2011.
These photos were taken by journalists right outside The Globe,
my favorite hangout.
 Tom does his own daring stunts, shirtless and all
in hardly shirtless weather.
I have yet to see the film star, though my friends and roommates have all run into him at some point. I'm hoping my time will come soon. (Cross your fingers) He is staying at The Four Seasons Hotel,
only the best hotel in Prague. The Hilton comes in at #2.
I did run into a commercial filming in Prague. They decorated the entire street with Christmas decorations! Fake snow and all!


  1. We saw Don Carlos in Vienna....similar to Don Giovanni? HA! Your flat is adorable! AND is that a fireplace? Enjoy Wien and the rest of Europe! <3 you.

  2. I too saw Don Giovanni at The Estates Theatre. A very long opera but the theatre was something special. Did you know it was where Amadeus was filmed? Great blog. Very envious that you are living in Prague.


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