05 October 2010

Bad Hair, Bad Breath, Bad Day

Let me tell you about my nightmare on Sunday evening. I was working on my paper at my apartment when I got a text from a friend wanting to meet so I could give her something. I was hoping to stay in for the evening, but I told her I’d meet her at the Forenc metro stop in 10 minutes. I left my apartment in my pajamas and a coat ready to meet and get back to my paper as quickly as I could.

At the Florenc station, while waiting for her, I was approached by an older man in an old-fashioned black coat, hat, boots, and saddle bag. At first glance I knew exactly who he was, without ever having to see him before. He was the metro ticket police.

This. Can’t. Be. Happening.

He flashed his badge and asked for my ticket…..oh no…..I had accidently walked out the door without my metro pass. I had never seen the metro ticket police before. Not ever. Why was this happening now?

You see, in Prague the metro runs freely. People buy tickets from a machine or they purchase monthly passes. No one checks at the entrance to the metro. It’s like an honor system. The catch is that you can randomly have run-ins with these sneaky metro ticket police who roam at different times of day looking for unsuspecting commuters who may or may not be having a bad day.

He caught me on a bad day.

By the time my friend met me on the metro platform I was in tears and short 700kc. A fine that cost more than my monthly pass in the first place. We talked for a bit and she tried to console me when yet another sneaky metro ticket police approached us for our tickets! I waved my fine at him saying, “haha you already got me! I’m free from your fine!” I was a bit delirious at this point. But my friend, who had just gone upstairs to buy her ticket, could not find it. She searched frantically for what seemed like ten minutes and found no ticket stub. Meanwhile, the man asked us to follow him as he made his rounds and scored a group of tourists who had only one ticket for a group of ten. Yikes. They were not happy.

This. Can’t. Be. Happening.

He made them all pay up. And my friend who had a ticket she must have dropped. We all were having a bad day on the metro apparently. That was the most expensive meet-up I’ve ever experienced. By the time I got back to my warm apartment I was so angry, calling the metro police all sorts of names. What an awful evening out. I feel better now, having had some sleep and some tea.

But, mark my words metro man; I will be ready for you next time!

It’s the commuters vs. the ticket police.


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  2. I don't really have bad breath...it's just the title to show I had a really bad evening. haha.
    oops, sorry for the misinformation.


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