01 April 2012

Saturday mornings...

my market treats-flowers, veggie chips, french bread, honey cake, and a mini fruit tart.

Saturday mornings, when I'm not hiking or traveling,
you can find me at my favorite market along the river.

This Saturday was dark and windy and cold,
as if winter had come back to us.

I must admit, I rather liked it.
It was a day worthy of lazy idleness. 

After strolling and sipping on some Masala Chai
and shopping for some yummy goodies to be eaten back in bed,

the annual Prague half-marathon found us,
exploding with runners, banners, cheers, balloons, and video cameras.

We stood and cheered along the sidelines for a while,
when the amazing professional African runners whizzed past us on their way back!

Their speed was my speed for a 5-minute sprint....
We stood with our mouths gaping, wondering what we just saw....

The winners of the Prague half-marathon 2012!

Have a wonderful first week of April around the world!
Happy Holy Week!


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