03 April 2012

I wish I could live this way.

Just go. Not tell anyone.

Though I do love spontaneity, a daily dosage of it is great
for staying young and lively, I must admit
I am a planner when it comes to travel.

I'm the one writing detailed emails to my family and roommates
informing them of my travel schedule, the people I'll be with, where we'll be staying, etc.
Not that I anticipate anything going amiss; it just brings me comfort knowing
my whereabouts are being closely followed. 

I do dream of a day, however, when I can just pick up and go 
and not tell a soul
and not log on to any technological device.  

How freeing that would be! 
My limbs want to carry me off into the wide world right now!

What do you think, dear reader? Did Oscar Wilde have it right? 


*the photograph is my own, the text borrowed from a Mr. Wilde.

1 comment:

  1. Hannah, you are a much more eloquent writer than I knew. On the topic of your post- I agree. Traveling at your own accord when the mood strikes would be very liberating and probably be more soul-searching-like because it would feel more private I guess. But the route you take is safer. No one wants to plan for disaster, obviously, but you never know.


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