23 October 2011

Winter is on it's way and I'm heading south

This past week has been one of my busiest.

Teaching. Monthly Pub Talk with my seniors. 
Lunch with friends.
Lots of coffeeshop lounging (our internet's been out).
a new Bible Study. Bellydancing.
Young Life movie night (ten of my students came!).
Drinks with the girls. Baking tons of pumpkin goodies.
Saturday mornin' market down by the river.
Sushi making. TV watching on a laptop with friends.
Pottery painting and pick-ups.

I need a vacation from my schedule!

On Tuesday I'm leaving the country
and driving south
through the Czech Republic and Austria
to Slovenia!
I am so thrilled. A dream come true.
An epic road-trip with two others
to a small lake village in the Julian Alps
for a week of relaxation and hiking and sightseeing
during my favorite season of the year!

Goodbye Prague!

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