02 October 2011

Welcome October, but, please, can you begin fall weather since September insisted on finishing summer?

This weekend I cooked and baked.
It was somewhat relaxing...
The mornings here are cold, but the days are hot,
so I spent Saturday in my kitchen.

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I am excited for October!
I'm hoping to attend a bellydancing retreat
one weekend in the countryside with some of my dancing classmates.

Plans are also in the works for a road trip
to Slovenia {particularly Lake Bled}
I've only dreamed about this country since 2008.
And now it's becoming a reality!

Then, I've got some fun autumn/Halloween lessons
in store for my students.
Think Hocus Pocus and bobbing for apples
and chubby monkey and candy and dressing up.

Plus! I've got some interesting, new ways to get involved
with my church in Prague.
There's a lot to get excited about!

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Now if only fall would begin already!

Enjoy your week!



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