10 October 2011

at home, a detailed look at how I've made this foreign place "home"

Here are some photos of my flat in Prague,
The meals I've been making, and the flowers I've enjoyed,
especially now that the weather has suddenly turned to a foggy, rainy fall.

The little things have kept me sane here.
Tea. Candles. Baking. Flowers. Color. Baths. Coffee. My warm bed. Books and more books.

I think I'll be able to survive a winter here again with these little joys.
And perhaps the occasional trip to the movies...

I went to see two this weekend! Midnight in Paris and One Day.
Both were glorious! I laughed and cried and remembered how much I love Europe
and wanted to fall in love after seeing these two films.

Have a happy week, even if it's a bit rainy wherever you are!


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