23 June 2011

Student Quotes

Here are some funny student quotes that I've gotten the pleasure to experience this past week:

"I have never wear a breast." = I have never worn a bra. {said by a boy}

"We cook in the chicken." = We cook in the kitchen.
Student A: "Why don't you add me on Facebook, but you did 'Student B'?"
Student B: "Because she loves me."
{a girl giggles in the background}
{my thoughts: Did that really just come out of his mouth?}
Me: "I haven't been on in a while, I'll add you soon." {ignore Student B's comment}

Well, there you have it,
there's never a dull moment in the classroom.
They always keep me on my toes!

{How many English idioms can you find in the above statement?}

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