16 June 2011

I {heart} cherries!

On the metro yesterday an older man sat down with a bucketful of cherries.
His trim white beard and his clean shirt
stood out from his work pants and rubber boots.
I wondered if he picked all those cherries himself...
I gave him a giddy smile, and he looked away.
But later, he looked at me again,
with a knowing, stern glance that I wanted his cherries.
I already had my own bag from the Vietnamese produce stand,
but his bucketful looked enticing.
I must be obsessed with cherries.
I now have a bowl full in my fridge.
And on the metro I gave the old man another ridiculous
grin as I exited at my stop.
As I taught my students the English idiom,
"You made my day,"
the old man with his cherries certainly
made my day.
Have a lovely weekend!

I'll be outside at markets and music festivals
and inside at art classes and Sunday brunch.


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