16 June 2011

Ads in Europe are appalling

So I know that Europe is pretty free-spirited, but I'm getting tired of seeing ads like these everywhere I look.
On the tram, on the metro, on billboards, in store windows, on magazine covers, 
Europe is bombarded with sexual images.

I've gotten into the habit of sitting as far away from the metro doors as possible
so I don't have to see all the clubs advertising with sex.

I like to read, so I'm usually absorbed in my book
while traveling from school to tutoring to home
and repeat.
So, I guess these phones are twice as good as other phones?
What kind of woman would pose for this!
Let me sell some jewelry with my legs open..
so degrading.
Czech calendar
And these, let me tell you, are Czech politicians who posed last year for a risque calendar.
 Did they think their ratings would go up after the publication of this calendar?
If this was done in the U.S., they would never be voted for again.
At least I would hope not.
Czech calendar
Okay, Europe,
let's just feed into the stereotype of women being seen as sex symbols only.

Sorry for the rant today,
but this issue really angers me,
especially when women believe it and allow it to happen
and men continue to fund the industries 
and children grow up with warped ideas about
gender and sex and their worth as people.

Okay, ok, I'll stop now. 


1 comment:

  1. Good for you for saying something. It is disgusting. Especially since they use it to manipulate a sense of power. To get to the top, you most certainly don't have to show more skin.


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