15 May 2011

Stereotypes from the mouths of my Students

While teaching a lesson about fashion and trends, the idea of stereotypes came up, so we talked about what stereotypes are, if they're positive or negative, and how they shape us and the people we come in contact with.

Here are some common ones by Czechs about Americans:

1. Americans are hamburger lovers.
2. Americans are fat.
3. Americans are naive and/or stupid.
4. Americans hate Muslims.

Here are some common ones by Czechs about Czechs:

1. Czechs love beer.
2. Czechs steal.
3. Czechs are jealous (of others).
4. Czech women are beautiful.

To be honest, I loathe the hamburger stereotype. I cannot tell you how many times I've been faced with this or asked about this or overheard it being talked about. 
I have not had a hamburger in over nine months. And I have not had a McDonald's hamburger in years!
As for the other stereotypes, hopefully, we can agree that all the American ones are, in fact, negative. And untrue. It's so dangerous to clump a group of people into a category and put a name on it. I hope my students took away something from this lesson to think about. Some inner questioning is a good thing.

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