27 May 2011

My wanderings around Prague lead me to deliciously glorious findings.

a little French Kavarna
with a cute French decor shop.
Located in Prague 3

 This place has no wi-fi, which is wonderful
because it's a secret spot
only for chatting with friends or reading good books
while munching on quiches and sweets
and sipping on lattes and cappuccinos. 

I wonder what next week's wanderings will bring me to?


1 comment:

  1. so so cute! I want to come to Prague!!! I facebook stalked you and Rae to see what dates you would be there. I think you might be in the USA?!? I'm meeting my family in Spain on July 30 - hoping to travel for either the week before that or week after that. Will you be in Prague?!?! If so I'm hoping to fly into Germany, see Rae, go down into Prague and Vienna, then meet my family in Spain. Let me know>!!!!!! What a dream come true this would be!!


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