23 February 2011

What I Wore Today

Today has been a slow, but successful day.
Ever since my tour job laid me off, I've had my Wednesdays free.
Except, for my tutoring gig in the late afternoons.

So, I tried a pilates class this morning, in Czech.
Luckily the instructor knew some English,
so she translated for me,
along with grabbing my butt and telling me to suck my bellybutton into my spine.
I guess some things just don't translate.

Then I went to Kava Kava Kava
and had a small cafe mocha and a scone with butter and jam,
while I edited my lower-level students written stories
about beach vacations.
There were lots of handsome sailors saving drowning girls
in these stories,
I guess Czechs do have a romantic side beneath their hard shell.

Later in the day, I did my laundry, went grocery shopping
-where the line circled the store and went past the entry way-
picked up my new Czech debit card and transferred some Czech Crowns
into Euros for the much anticipated Macedonia trip in March.

The day came and went. The sun shone
and stayed out a little bit longer.
Spring is coming.
I hope.

Blue-belted shirtdress from Zara. One of my very few shopping splurges in Prague.
Cardigan and mustard tights from Anthro, Italian boots, grey socks from Target,
and Florida seashells around my neck. :)


  1. a pilates instructor in america would tell you to suck your belly button into your spine :)
    lovely outfit!! can't wait to go to kava kava kava WITH you

  2. I can't wait either! I have loads of favorite coffee shops here! :D


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