03 February 2011

Packaging Issues Defined

My family sent me a package back before Christmas, but it only arrived a week before February. I have recieved loads of packages here in the past with no problems, but this one took forever. I had almost completely given up on it. The reason being, drumroll please.....
my parents sent a gallon-sized bag full of powder, white powder.
Don't worry, it wasn't cocaine or any other type of drug, but Bisquick to make pancakes. In retrospect this was obviously a bad idea. An unidentified bag full of a white powdery substance. An epic fail.
When the package did finally arrive, it came like this. No actual box. The box never made it outside the U.S. It was dissected and combed through, I'm sure. When I claimed it at my local post office here in Prague, they apologized profusely, not understanding what had happened. Someone who spoke English even came over and said I could file a complaint or look through the box myself to make sure nothing was missing. No thanks, I said. I knew exactly what had happened. Besides, what would they do when I pulled out a giant bag of pancake mix, only they wouldn't know what it was?
Visions of being bodyslammed to the ground, followed by rough handcuffs, and yelling in Czech kept my mind busy with what ifs.
So I went home. Quietly. A month too late. Opened my carefully wrapped "package" without a box and pulled out my precious pancake mix, along with soggy books, and syrup. I wish there was a video camera attached to its journey. I can only imagine what it's seen and heard on its travels from post office to post office and possibly to investigation labs....

The U.S. government is probably now watching both my family at home and me abroad. Oh no. Just what we need. Yikes!

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