24 February 2011

Teacher's Thursday

Today in one of my classes, one of my students asked if he could show me a video. Curious, of course, I complied. This is what he showed me. I could not help but laugh, but deep down I was hoping my classroom full of teenagers did not think all of us were this stupid. Thankfully, they did not.

Teaching Czech students has it's challenges.

Once, when I was trying to explain "heat," I drew a picture of fire on the board. Only it was a with green chalk and completely looked like a Marijuana leaf rather than a bonfire. I couldn't help but giggle. Ooops. My students live in a country where they have a Pot Fest every year, so they thought it was comical too.

Earlier on in my first few days of teaching, after I had asked all of them questions about themselves, I found out that one of my boys likes to read the Bible. I have yet to ask him more about it, if he solely reads it for fun or for something more. I don't know. But there is hope, at least.

Most days I have to restrain my excessive smiling. I can't look too happy, I mean, I'm in the Czech Republic where everyone must look the same. Miserable. The funny thing is though, most of the time I have no idea why I want to smile. I just do. But I have to look professional to my co-teachers and stern to my students. Smiles just don't fit in with those adjectives. But somehow they always find their way in.....


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  1. haha, they were filming in Texas so it doesn't count ;)


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