14 November 2010

November 14th, 2010

Winter is almost here.
The sun still shines, but the leaves swirl downwards,
escaping the trees
that neglect to hold onto them.

It's so easy to just let go.

The trees are about bare now.
Twisted skeletons
reaching for the sky. Bare, brittle branches
but clothed in fog
at dusk when the sun falls

5pm and it's midnight.
10am and it's dinner time,
but I'm drinking coffee and confused
and my spirits fall downwards
only to be gathered the next day into a tight bundle
of delicate leaves

as I look out onto a city of spires
and breathe in
and out
as the wind whips fall away into the past.


  1. this is a really beautiful and visual poem, u should b very proud if you penned it yourself. you can get such a good impression of the feeling and time through your words! very atmospheric! i will be in prague sooo soon...23rd and im there...yaaaaayyyy, keep up the good blog! x

  2. Thank you Peach, I did write it myself. The weather here has been very inspiring. :) And I hope you have a wonderful time here! Prague is an amazing city.


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