16 November 2010

23 things I miss about my 23 year old daughter::said by Dad::

1. Her smile

2. Being in church with her and glancing over to see her fully engaged in worship

3. Her 2010 relationship with blue and green dragonflies

4. Her curly hair

5. Her friends

6. watching her find a recipe, moving into the kitchen with her laptop, music and apron and producing a dish ( green pea pesto UGGHH)

7. Smiling as she gets indignant at a coffee shop if the espresso sits for more than 30 seconds before being mixed

8. Anthropologie… enough said

9. Her little red Honda

10. Her leaving in her little red Honda with a wave, smile and two beeps

11. Her little red Honda missing two huge trees by inches at 60 plus miles per hour… Thank you Lord

12. Discussing books with her

13. Barnes and Noble for an afternoon with dad

14. Watching her paddle off in the canoe with her Bible, journal and books for the afternoon

15. Her at five dancing with a handful of teddy grams…. Ok I’m 52 and miss my little girl!!!

16. The Flagler College years

17. The C. S. Lewis weekend together

18. The Sarah Mclachlan and James Blunt concerts… Hello Disneyland!!

19. Her frustration with me when I come into her room and sit on her perfectly appointed love seat

20. Her sense of fashion, see number 8 again

21. Her getting ready for a bath… I think her candles were a source of global warming

22. her indignation before she left for Prague if asked about finding her husband there… she didn’t know he was lost

23. Her kiss on both cheeks when she said goodnight, hello or goodbye… the last one is special


  1. 24. How she always gives a kissy sound before hanging up on the phone. ; D

  2. haha. I still do that on Skype.


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