16 November 2010


I went to the US Embassy today to get an affidavit stating that I have no criminal record in the US signed and notarized. I need it for my Czech work visa I'll be getting next week in Bratislava. I went in and...
spoke English!
And couldn't get the ridiculous grin off my face! I felt like such a fool, but I literally felt as if I was back in America. Weird how embassies do that to you.
I spoke to other Americans.
I saw the American flag (and almost said the Pledge of Allegiance, but I withheld).
I saw American soldiers and metal detectors.
I was brimming with happiness. I love Prague, but there's something about Americans that no other nationality has. We are easy with one another. We talk to strangers and share stories. We give advice and smile and shake hands and laugh and compare states. We perhaps ask too many questions, but we're a curious bunch. We tell jokes. And when we leave one another, we genuinely hope the other has a good day. We travel the world, but when we meet a fellow American, our faces light up and we're instant friends.

This was my experience today. I think I'll visit the Embassy more often. :)


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