05 November 2011

Lake Bled, a dream come true

Have you ever dreamt about somewhere and wanted to go there so badly
that nothing else compared?

Lake Bled was a dream come true for me.
My wanderlust has been quenched
(for the time being, at least).

Our October week there was breathtaking.
We paddled a boat out to the island, wandered around,
soaked in the amazing Julian Alps at every angle,
and took the boat back to the mainland.
(The boat resembled an over-sized gondola)

We hiked and drove down narrow, winding roads
during the days and ate out at nearly deserted restaurants
in the evenings. 

We stayed on a farm and had fresh eggs and milk every morning.
The smell of french press coffee 
and the sound of roosters and the pattering of rain
woke us every morning.
The thick fog clouded even the mountains
while we journaled and dressed for the day.

The area around Lake Bled truly is a peaceful place.
A place where fantasy and reality mix.

The locals farm and work hard,
but their homeland resembles that of fairy tales.

As Tim put it, "The Czech Republic is like Narnia,
but Slovenia is like The Lord of the Rings."

Well said. 

We were in our happy place.


  1. so beautiful Hannah! and yes! I know the feeling of wanting to go someplace so badly! that's Israel for me, and I'm going in January!

  2. Beautiful! I would love to come to Prague...or go to Czech Republic or Slovenia...they all sound/look lovely!

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  5. This place is just so tranquil. It's full of nature and peace, and the beautiful medieval church on that island is just awe-inspiring. Yes, an island inside the lake: that is the perfect location for a spiritual getaway. Paddling on the lake is another way to connect with nature.

    Chantay Smithingell

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