24 January 2011

::January:: an update

Today in my four advanced-level classes I showed this music video to get them talking about world problems. Mondays aren't their favorite days, it was very difficult to get them talking. I did have one student ask what the difference is between fate and faith. That was interesting. How do you describe faith to a country full of Atheists? I always enjoy hearing their opinions and thoughts, when they're brave enough to speak up, that is. I hope I'm being a good teacher, a lot of the time I get blank stares or confused faces. But sometimes, I get really cool responses.

Oh well, I'm enjoying it at least.

Recently, I've been offered to go on a service trip to Macedonia (the country above Greece) for spring break to build a playground for a community center. Young Life is leading the trip and they want to get Czech high schoolers to come along with their Native English teachers. I am really hoping it'll work out, perhaps some of my students will be interested. I had other plans for spring break (i.e. vacation to sunny Slovenia, Croatia, and Montenegro), but sometimes change is for the better. :)

On another note, some other Native English teachers host Kava Kino (translation: Coffee Movies) a few times a month for their students to come out and speak with other English speakers, watch an English movie, and drink coffee together. I've been able to join up with them and have been encouraging my students to come out to it too. So far, only one has shown up, but I'm still hoping more will become interested as time goes by. The group who hosts it is a Missionary group (ESI) who go into schools to teach and be a positive influence on the young people of the Czech Republic. They're awesome! I'm so grateful for their guidance and influence with my own teaching and life here in Prague.

To finish this post, I must add that my beautiful roomies and I hosted an International Potluck at our flat this past weekend. We had 45 people crammed into our apartment eating tons of food from all over the world. We even had two Slovak guys cooking in the background a gourmet Slovak meal while everyone else mingled. I think they won the award for the night. Then we had homeade salsa from a Texan. :) It was a good night.

Have a happy week!


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