10 January 2011

I miss Christmas...

Night in Prague from Metron on Vimeo.

This video is amazing. I really miss the Christmas markets and the sausage and the hot wine and lights. It's still winter here, but the charm of Christmas is over. It's 2011.

And I'm a teacher of about 200 high school students. I feel so underqualified, but it's so much fun nonetheless. Some of my students are just three years younger than me. One asked if I'm married. Others, why did I move to the Czech Republic from Florida. Still, some look at me in awe, others in complete shock. I daily have to control my smiling. I mean, I never had a teacher who smiles as much as I do. What will they think? I feel so "un-grown-up" when I'm standing in front of my blackboard, but I'm having fun. And I hope my students will learn something from me. At the very least, I hope I encourage them to think and to question and to wonder about "the greater picture".

Sorry about my lack of blogging....my mom was in town and was consuming all of my free time. Hopefully I can juggle teaching and lesson planning and blogging. :)


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