12 September 2010

My First Week in Prague

I'm not sure where to start....

I got on a plane, full of tears and heavy luggage.

When I landed on the other side of the Atlantic I was still full of tears and questions, minus one piece of heavy luggage.

After a day of unpacking the heavy luggage, soaking in a bath, meeting cool TEFLers, and wandering the city with them I was no longer full of tears.

Can I just put it out there that if you want a stonger, more dependant relationship with God you should just move to a place you know nothing about. He really does reveal himself in more tangible ways than ever before!

This is how my week has looked like: I got to Prague and loved the first few hours, then it started to dawn on me that I really don't know when I'll be back to the states and I sort of freaked out. Then I explored the city with my new TEFL friends (who consist of Americans, an Italian guy, English folk, a Canadian, and a Russian). We all shared stories of how we feel really uprooted and in a way it's a cool feeling beacause we have allowed practically anything to happen from here on out.

On Friday I left my new-found friends to go to a small group that meets in a coffee shop owned by Christians. Friends Friends Coffee House is really cool and has an awesome atmosphere. Well, I arrived there and met some more awesome people (lots of people from the south, some Czech citizens, and more English folk). I felt that the lesson was just for me....we read from Joshua 19 (I think, I don't have a Bible handy). Be Strong and Courageous the Lord said to Joshua, for I will never leave you nor forsake you. Ummmm...yep, I have felt like Joshua all week. I have hourly encounters with getting lost or questioning why I'm here or not being able to find someone who knows English or trying to shower without a shower curtain in a freezing bathroom....the list could easily go on. Yet, being there, among that particular body of Chris,t I felt at peace and at home. I felt comfortable. I didn't feel alone or foreign.

Saturday I went to The Globe, another expat hangout and met up with someone I've been corresponding with since Florida. We traipsed around town with a Latvian girl she met the day before. The Latvian is in Prague for a year taking a screenwriting course. She is really talented (and has done a DTS!) What a small world this is. We found an awesome thrift store and eventually found our way back to an apartment with American missionaries to eat pizza and watch Chasing Liberty (there are scenes of Prague in that movie).

Today I went to church, ICP, and loved it. Then had an orientation tour with my other 32 TEFL friends around the city. We start school tomorrow. Eeek! I hope I pass....because I've already recieved a job offer!

More on that next time....


  1. wow...makes me want to go uproot myself and go somewhere...but I want to know about the job offer now...why wait to tell us???

  2. Awesome! You know you're needed there if someone's asking to hire you in the first week. :)


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