03 September 2010

22 Things I Did when I was 22

1. I graduated from college with a BA in English
2. I sold my 1st car
3. I created my own reading list for the first time in four years. And loved it!
4. I became an expert on sterling silver and semi-precious stones in jewelry
5. I got into my 1st car accident and walked away. Thank God.
6. I got to see my little brother graduate!
7. I was Sookie Stackhouse for a day
8. I was in my 4th wedding (always a bridesmaid ;) and was asked to be in what would be my 5th, but had to decline because I'll be in Prague.
9. I mended a friendship
10. Our family dog died, three months later we got another one. (I was against the idea at the time)
11. I got to see Katie, my Florence roomie, once a year since we studied abroad. Let's keep this record going!
12. Got to meet lots of new people and became better friends with the old ones
13. Had my creative writing published and read at a public reading!
14. Became a Flannery O'Connor expert
15. Spent a night a week for 14 weeks with an 88 year old woman. And learned a tremendous amount about life and contentment.
16. Saw Mat Kearney, Tyrone Wells, Ingrid Michaelson, and Ben Harper in concert. It was a year for live music!
17. Spoke at a Mother's Day Tea and learned more about God as a pursuer in the process.
18. Applied to Teach English as a Foreign Language and was accepted
19. I interned at two museums and loved it
20. but made the decision to live abroad before I settle into a "career"
21. Was reminded of my addiction to Anthropologie when I found out there is one in London and started planning a trip from Prague to London..
22. Began letting God "shake" the things that are shakable, while learning to understand that only He is unshakable. (Heb. 12:27-29)

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  1. Hannah, It's been so nice to watch you grow & mature over the past few years via your blogs. I've only gotten to see you a couple of times so it's been great to keep in touch this way. You are a sweetheart and I'm so happy you get to have such great experiences that add such richness to your life!! When you get settled, please let me know where you are and how to find you!! I may meet you somewhere in your travels!! Love, XXOO Aunt Cathi


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