24 August 2010

I sold my car!

I traded one form of transportation (driving) for another (flying).

Yesterday evening I got on Craigslist and listed my car. Within minutes my phone was ringing. "Yes, I've got a Honda Civic for sale." And ringing, "Yep, I still have the car." And ringing, "I just put the ad up an hour ago, I'm not really ready to lower the price yet."

I spent the remainder of my evening talking on the phone, meeting with four different people who stopped by to look at it, listening to an endless number of messages and when I say endless I mean that I had 20 voice mails, numerous texts, and even pleas for holding it so they could look at it first.

I always knew Honda Civics were good cars, but a 1993 model in the year 2010? Who knew I had such a hot commodity in my possession?

This was my first car.
11th grade.
It took me to work at the mall, to school and dual-enrollment.
It took me to college and back home for food and laundry.
It has held all those dear in my life.
It caused my first accident and saved my life in the process.
It has been jumped by many guys (some of whom I had crushes on).
It has been broken into, yet kept my stuff safe.
My little red Honda Civic.
The car I didn't want when my parents bought it and the car I was more than hesitant to part with.

Good-bye my friend.

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  1. You have so many memories with this car. No wonder it was hard for you to let it go. But isn't it great news to know people are interested to buy your car? I hope you maintained your car well enough to not settle on any price less than your offer. Did you get to sell it, by the way?

    Danille Folson


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