20 August 2010

Cider Comparisons

I have not had Bulmers since I was in Ireland and Italy in 2008. I have searched all over Florida,
in every pub, store, and restaurant I could find looking for it.

For two years...I couldn't find a lead.

Then, two weeks ago I was at Davinci's, a cute little music venue with great indie ciders and ales.
And I found it!
I found Magners, the "American" name for Bulmers.
Apparently, America doesn't have the rights to Bulmers, so Ireland gives us the name of Magners to use.
Weird. But I'm not complaining.

However, Magners didn't quite have the same taste that I remember in Bulmers,
but, it has been two years since I've had my lips on a Bulmers.
Perhaps my taste buds have changed.

Next time you're out, whether in America or in Europe...check these ciders out!


  1. Hey there, just to further explain. Magners is the exact same product as Bulmers in the Rep of Ireland but due to a trademark issue they can no export under the name Bulmers outside of the Republic of Ireland. Further to that point, if you do see a Bulmers bottle outside of Ireland it is NOT the same. It is a product by HP Bulmers and is meant to confuse consumers. The taste issue you may have noticed with Magners in the US is that they have to reduce carbonation due to the "Champagne Tax" implemented to keep French champagnes from flooding the market. It has nothing to do with cider but unfortunately the tax applies.
    Hope this helps!

  2. Wow! Thanks so much! That does help explain the issue. :)


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