07 July 2010

A Way to Start This Thing..

I have been kind of avoiding the first post. I don't leave for Praha until September 8th and the preparations are never-ending. In fact, for a while I was even wondering if I would ever get over there in the first place. It's a very large step I am taking into the unknown. I will be leaving security. Family. Convenience. English. Routines. Habits. my car. Friends. And yet, these things are all great, but at times all I want to do is set out and free myself, do something out of the ordinary.

I think moving to Prague is just what I need.

Moving away. Saying good-bye. For a while at least.

The economy in Florida is not the best, especially the rural area I'm from. On FOX News I heard a man say that my generation will have a hard time with the job market, possibly even becoming bitter towards it in the future as younger generations will find jobs easily and older generations will hold onto their jobs with force. And yet, these circumstances may free us to let go and live, to move somewhere we wouldn't otherwise go, to do something to help out, to make a difference in a person's life, or in a town, or in a school, or in a country.

I am learning, slowly, that life is what we make of it. Nothing can hold a negative power over us if we do something positive. So, instead of staying in the states and moving into a career immediately, I am going to fulfil some lifelong dreams.

1. Move abroad
2. Teach English in a foreign setting
3. Volunteer and work with an International Church
4. Travel through Eastern Europe
5. Live in an apartment above a bookstore or coffeeshop OR on a houseboat on the Vltava

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