22 July 2010

Some things just don't pack well..

As you all probably already know, I'm off to Prague on September 8th for a somewhat indefinite stay. I have been thinking lately what I want to take with me. I'm only allowed about 120lbs. of luggage; my life will actually weigh less than I do! Wow, now that's going to take a lot of thinking about. Some things I just won't be able to take. I don't consider myself a pack-rat, but I like to surround myself with special items, things that have a history before they come to me.

my $5 find, a colorful candelabra.
My grandfather found this lantern somewhere
while he was in the Navy in the 30s.
It is now my inheritance.
$12 vintage lamp.
$10 exotic blue bowl.
Prague coasters from a garage sale.
3 suitcases I used to use as luggage,
now they are a side table.

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