12 March 2012

A Decision

I've spent the last couple of months
trying to decide what to do with this blog.
I couldn't determine whether or not I did it for myself
or for others.
I wasn't sure if I liked the idea of people reading my thoughts
and seeing my experiences.
I didn't know if I genuinely liked spending so much time on the computer
typing away in a cyber world.

I've just been so busy, I haven't even had time to think about post ideas. 
I've been back in Prague for two and a half months
after spending Christmastime with my family in Florida.
And in that time, I've 
taught and tutored and cooked a lot of meals
and belly-danced and done zumba and attempted salsa
and attended church lectures and retreats
and gone to benefit dinners and events
and traveled to Southern Spain
and read The Hunger Games trilogy and gone to the movies
and went to dinner parties and coffee dates
and gone away for a snowy ski weekend

All this to say, I'm back.
I've made my decision.
I will continue blogging
because, all in all,
I enjoy looking back 
and seeing my life in Prague.
It will be something I cherish
when nothing remains, but memories.
I've decided, 
I blog for myself,
but you're invited along my journey.
Perhaps we can learn and share from one another.


*Photo taken in Harrachov, Czech Republic while snow shoeing through a forest. :)


  1. I was very excited to see this post. I kinda had the same issue just a few days ago. But blogging is an amazing way to time capsule life, and a good outlet when you need it. Do what makes you happy :) I, personally, am glad that you love blogging because I love staying in touch w you by reading about what you're doing. You've talked about "being abroad" since like 10th grade, so it's super neat to see you living it :) love, Kym

  2. yay, I am glad you are blogging for you (and that I still get to read!!) :) xo


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