29 September 2010

A Revelation.

"I was about to give up and that's no lie.

From this one place I can't see very far,
from this one moment I'm square in the dark...

but these are the things I will trust in my heart...
YOU can see, you can see, you can see
something else."

~From This One Place by Sara Groves

God is in control of my life, of my time here in Prague, of my future. He sees through the dark even when I can't. He knows. He sees. He understands. He has plans for me (and you) even when we suffer from short-sightedness. This song helped me through my stressful day yesterday. I hope it helps you too.

27 September 2010

Autumn Leaves

Autumn is here.
It's rainy and cold outside,
but I sip on my cup of peppermint tea.

We've got a long day of classes ahead and a long week of teaching too.
But we're almost there, two more weeks!

Fun Prague fact I learned this weekend: Hitler liked Prague, so he refused to bomb it. And it was here that he planned to have a museum about the extinct Jewish race. Crazy man!

23 September 2010

Prague in Pictures

A river alleyway just off the Charles Bridge
A small cafe
Me at the castle, overlooking the city
narrow roadway near the Vltava
an art exhibit at The Globe, expat hangout
I love this place!

22 September 2010


I had an interview yesterday with a Czech Public High School! I rode the metro and a bus from Praha 9 down to Praha 4. It was about an hour and during that time I kept asking myself "what am I doing?" I passed old Communist housing and dirty streets and overgrown vegetation while I traveled farther and farther away from the city-center. I could not get a handle on my emotions and fears and questions about how I landed in the middle of the Czech Republic.

Once I arrived at the school, about 20 minutes late, I thought I wouldn't have a chance. I'm inexperienced. I'm young and showed up late. (Although it wasn't entirely my fault) I tell the secretary who I am and she leads me upstairs to an office where I meet a "Czech" English teacher. He then escorts me to the Headmaster who doesn't speak English. I sit at one end of a very long table and he at the other end. The English teacher translates.

It was the most bizarre interview I've ever had. I was never actually "interviewed," instead I was handed a class schedule, asked if I liked it, then they started calculating pay and taxes and such. The one interview question I was asked was about my TEFL class, but it was more of a filler question..they didn't seem too interested. They were, however, thrilled that I brought along a notarzied copy of my college diploma. I signed away my life (not literally), but I do have to go to the Czech Police Department for a background check and to a Czech Doctor for a physical.

So....I have a job.

I'll be teaching 12 lessons a week to high schoolers. I will get each set of students only once a week, as the "Czech" English teachers will have the students more often to teach them grammar and such. So I get to teach all the fun stuff....speaking, listening, and American culture. Yay! The pay is really, really bad. I don't want to ever hear about American teachers complaining again. But, thankfully, I may be an English tour guide around Prague. God has been so good to me! I not only will learn and grow and most likely be stretched by teaching high schoolers (and probably embarrassed most of  the time), but I also get to talk about history and art in THE best historically preserved city in Europe! I'll keep you updated. On Saturday I get to shadow a tour all day and take notes for my own script. :)



18 September 2010

Czech Mate

I have been here for about a week and yet I feel I have been here for so much longer. On Monday I began my teacher training, not knowing anything about teaching or lesson planning. On Friday I taught a 45 minute class to Czech students while being observed by my instructor. Talk about stress! Thankfully, I passed. Actually, he asked me in my one-to-one evaluations if I had ever taught before. :) The only way from this point on is UP!

The Czech people are quite interesting folk. I go around everyday walking to school or to the metro or to the local grocery smiling at everyone. I have a bounce in my step and grin at everyone. But no one grins back. I've found that Czech people are unusually reserved. Another expat who has lived here for a year described to me that since they lived under Communist rule for so many decades they tend to hide their true feelings for fear of having nothing to oneself. Since Communism basically took everything from them and made it everyones, at least they could keep their personalities and true character for themselves and their close relationships. It's all they could hold on to. Now I go around not quite smiling, but trying to discern who these people are, what do their lives look like, what makes them laugh out loud. Especially the older generations, I wonder what extremes they've seen pass through their city.

Prague is a hot spot for every traveller to Europe. It has incorporated many western chains including, Starbucks, (unfortunately) Hooters, TGIF, KFC, and of course, McDonalds. Actually, Prague has more chains than I ever saw in the whole country of Italy. Prague holds on to the old-world mystery, while trying to achieve status in modern trends and fads.

This afternoon I'm bound to the old town square where I'll interview for a tour guide position. And on Tuesday I interview for a position as a native-English teacher in a Czech Public School. That should be interesting....Keep praying!



14 September 2010

My First Day of Teaching!

Dobry den! (Hello/good-day)

Don't worry...it's just a practice run and only 15 minutes. But I get to teach Intermediate students using a little reading clip about flying and the effects of traveling. Yay! Now I'm searching for images of New York and London.....

After my long day of classes I am going to a Cooking class at a local church to make Apple Cinnamon Muffins! Hello fall!

12 September 2010

My First Week in Prague

I'm not sure where to start....

I got on a plane, full of tears and heavy luggage.

When I landed on the other side of the Atlantic I was still full of tears and questions, minus one piece of heavy luggage.

After a day of unpacking the heavy luggage, soaking in a bath, meeting cool TEFLers, and wandering the city with them I was no longer full of tears.

Can I just put it out there that if you want a stonger, more dependant relationship with God you should just move to a place you know nothing about. He really does reveal himself in more tangible ways than ever before!

This is how my week has looked like: I got to Prague and loved the first few hours, then it started to dawn on me that I really don't know when I'll be back to the states and I sort of freaked out. Then I explored the city with my new TEFL friends (who consist of Americans, an Italian guy, English folk, a Canadian, and a Russian). We all shared stories of how we feel really uprooted and in a way it's a cool feeling beacause we have allowed practically anything to happen from here on out.

On Friday I left my new-found friends to go to a small group that meets in a coffee shop owned by Christians. Friends Friends Coffee House is really cool and has an awesome atmosphere. Well, I arrived there and met some more awesome people (lots of people from the south, some Czech citizens, and more English folk). I felt that the lesson was just for me....we read from Joshua 19 (I think, I don't have a Bible handy). Be Strong and Courageous the Lord said to Joshua, for I will never leave you nor forsake you. Ummmm...yep, I have felt like Joshua all week. I have hourly encounters with getting lost or questioning why I'm here or not being able to find someone who knows English or trying to shower without a shower curtain in a freezing bathroom....the list could easily go on. Yet, being there, among that particular body of Chris,t I felt at peace and at home. I felt comfortable. I didn't feel alone or foreign.

Saturday I went to The Globe, another expat hangout and met up with someone I've been corresponding with since Florida. We traipsed around town with a Latvian girl she met the day before. The Latvian is in Prague for a year taking a screenwriting course. She is really talented (and has done a DTS!) What a small world this is. We found an awesome thrift store and eventually found our way back to an apartment with American missionaries to eat pizza and watch Chasing Liberty (there are scenes of Prague in that movie).

Today I went to church, ICP, and loved it. Then had an orientation tour with my other 32 TEFL friends around the city. We start school tomorrow. Eeek! I hope I pass....because I've already recieved a job offer!

More on that next time....

05 September 2010

Appreciating My Last Few Days in FL::pt 2

My maternal grandparents, The Tellex's
My paternal grandma, Sharon & Tebow
(She loves the FL Gators! ;)
a beautiful piece of stitching
Lifelong friends, mothers & daughters
We welcome little Lyla Grace in November!

03 September 2010

22 Things I Did when I was 22

1. I graduated from college with a BA in English
2. I sold my 1st car
3. I created my own reading list for the first time in four years. And loved it!
4. I became an expert on sterling silver and semi-precious stones in jewelry
5. I got into my 1st car accident and walked away. Thank God.
6. I got to see my little brother graduate!
7. I was Sookie Stackhouse for a day
8. I was in my 4th wedding (always a bridesmaid ;) and was asked to be in what would be my 5th, but had to decline because I'll be in Prague.
9. I mended a friendship
10. Our family dog died, three months later we got another one. (I was against the idea at the time)
11. I got to see Katie, my Florence roomie, once a year since we studied abroad. Let's keep this record going!
12. Got to meet lots of new people and became better friends with the old ones
13. Had my creative writing published and read at a public reading!
14. Became a Flannery O'Connor expert
15. Spent a night a week for 14 weeks with an 88 year old woman. And learned a tremendous amount about life and contentment.
16. Saw Mat Kearney, Tyrone Wells, Ingrid Michaelson, and Ben Harper in concert. It was a year for live music!
17. Spoke at a Mother's Day Tea and learned more about God as a pursuer in the process.
18. Applied to Teach English as a Foreign Language and was accepted
19. I interned at two museums and loved it
20. but made the decision to live abroad before I settle into a "career"
21. Was reminded of my addiction to Anthropologie when I found out there is one in London and started planning a trip from Prague to London..
22. Began letting God "shake" the things that are shakable, while learning to understand that only He is unshakable. (Heb. 12:27-29)

02 September 2010

My Bulletin Board

Posted by Picasa
These photos decorate the walls behind my door.
I don't want to disturb the collages I've created over the years,
so I'm keeping them intact and taking the re-created photos of them with me.

I think that's a pretty thrifty idea!


01 September 2010


I have always loved the idea of map tattoos.
I'm not sure if I'll ever work up the courage to get one,
but these designs are inspirational.
My dream tattoo would come from a vintage map like this one,
with the two circles
somewhere on my forearm (near the crease of my elbow)

I don't know...until then, I'll keep dreaming about them.
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